The Magazine of the East Sussex District Association of the CTC

Below are links to scanned copies of the original magazines, including The South Saxon
(the 1st Sussex D.A. Magazine from 1936) and the Christmas Newsletter produced in
1979, which was the inspiration for Dennis Jakeman starting the Coaster magazine the
following year.  Dennis edited the magazine for only 2 issues, 1980 &1981, then John
Stevens edited the Summer 1982 issue, before David Rix took over as editor, starting
with the Cristmas 1982 issue, and remained in the role until the demise of the magazine
in 2017.  During this time the magazine became bi-annual, with a Summer & Christmas
issue being produced almost every year.  Unfortunately the advent of the internet, and
the increasing popularity of online articles meant that contributions for a printed magazine
started to dry up and after a few years of producing just a Christmas issue, it was agreed
that it was no longer viable.

We hope you enjoy reading through these old issues.
We will gradually be adding to this archive over the coming
months, and intend to have them all available by the end of 2019.

Note that some files are quite large and may take a while to download.




 The South Saxon
No.1 - 1936

Newsletter 1979

 The Coaster No. 1
December 1980

 The Coaster No. 2
November 1981

 The Coaster No. 3
Summer 1982






 The Coaster No. 4
Christmas 1982

 The Coaster No. 5
Summer 1983

  The Coaster No. 6
Christmas 1983

 The Coaster No. 7
Summer 1984

 The Coaster No. 8
Christmas 1984





 The Coaster No. 9
Summer 1985

 The Coaster No. 10
Christmas 1985

  The Coaster No. 11
Summer 1986

  The Coaster No. 12
Christmas 1986